The most demanding book of push-up exercises ever

The Authors
We are the two crazy guys, Igor Volenko and Torsten Woelm, who intend to really heat you up with “Push-up Training”. We have compiled a large number of push-up exercises. We have gone ahead where others have already quit. We use the extensive versatility of push-ups, expanding it with additional movements to extra hard exercises for the whole body. And finally we add explosive elements. This mixture makes “Push-up Training” unique and the most demanding book of push-ups ever. It all starts with the classic up and down – and the counting of repetitions. But to us – and maybe to most of you, as well – this is really boring. With “Push-up Training”, we turn the push-up into real fun again. We show you exercises which change the endless repetitions into minor matters. We focus on a maximum of body control and the accurate performance. Quality rather than quantity. Competence rather than line work. This book embodies our passion for push-ups and we are convinced that you will be sharing this passion very soon.

No matter if you like CrossFit or soccer, if you are a professional handball player or got a bloody nose from MMA, “Push-up Training” is made for everybody exercising with their own weight or seeking new challenges. Push your limits!
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