Bodyweight Training

We present the largest push-up collection ever for explosive power 


Body control

Building basic skills


Extreme exercises

from martial arts



Increase the level of difficulty

Push-ups for pros

“No matter which sports you do, whether it is martial arts, ball sports or fitness, our exercises will definitely fascinate you. Do you love the workout with your own body weight? Are coordination and speed important to you? Do you want to improve your balance and body control? Then Push-up Training is made for you.”

Stability and Power

Balls are the perfect tool for stability training. You will be successful only if you are in complete control of all movements. The balls will mercilessly reveal all your weak points and force you to perfection.

Asymmetric exercises

Push your limits! Reach the furthest corners of your body – down to the last fiber of your muscles. Become more agile, become more dynamic, face up to entirely new challenges.


Diversified variations
Discover the large variety of push-ups. Enhance your training with thrilling variations.
200 push-up exercises

You have never seen push-ups like this before. More than 200 exercises are waiting to become your best workout ever – “Push-up Training” ebook.„Push-up Training“ eBooks.

Training without equipment
Bodyweight training – with your own body weight as resistance. Your body, your weight, always with you.
Push-up Training consists of 200 exercises around push-ups.
Push-Up Training
provides a comprehensive insight into the world of push-ups. Besides the classic one it shows a large number of new exercises, which turn the monotonous up and down of the typical push-up into dynamic exercises for the whole body.

The exercises demonstrated in this book are a part of the training program at the martial arts school Tescao Volenko. They show the special characteristics of a training aiming at an excellent body control.

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