Bodyweight Training

We present the largest collection of push-ups for explosive power to date.


Body control

Building the basic skills


Extreme exercises

from martial arts



Successive increase of the difficulty

Push-ups for pros

„No matter what sport you play, whether martial arts, ball sports or fitness, our exercises are definitely something for you. Do you love training with your own body weight? Is coordination and speed important to you? Do you want to improve your balance and body awareness? Then this is the right place for you.“

Stability and Power

Balls are ideal tools for stability training. Only with full control over all movements you are successful. The balls relentlessly show you every weak point and force you to perfection.

Asymmetric exercises

Push your limits! Exercise every corner of your body, down to the last muscle. Become more flexible, more dynamic and face new challenges.


Varied variations

Experience the great versatility of the push-up. Enrich your workout with exciting variations.

200 push-up exercises

You have never seen push-ups like this before. More than 200 exercises are waiting to become your best workout ever – “Push-up Training” ebook.„Push-up Training“ eBooks.

Training without equipment

Bodyweight training – using only your own body weight as resistance. Your body, your weight, always with you.

Push-up Training consists of 200 exercises around push-ups.
Push-Up Training

gives a deep insight into the world of push-ups. In addition to the classics, it contains numerous new exercises that turn the monotonous up and down of the typical push-up into dynamic full-body exercises.

The exercises shown in the book are an excerpt from the teaching program of the martial arts school Tescao Volenko.
They are characterized in particular by the training of excellent body control.

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